The Wellness Works Program provides practical support to at-risk pregnant and parenting youth in addition to Case Management Support.  The main components of programming are:


          Outreach in Food Bank, Breakfast and Evening programs. We have committed to having one person in each program trained to respond to

                           crisis pregnancies.

          Engage in the completion of contact forms and Case Management


          Encourage through the “Earn –while-you-learn” model of programming such as Stroller Fit and work programming and the use of Parent     

                            Resource Room/Incentive Room.  The Parent Resource Room offers the parents the opportunity to purchase practical supplies 

                            needed for their families such as diapers, formula and wipes.

          Equipping through the participation in Pregnancy Support Group and one to ones and

appointment supports with students and staff.


This program is designed to ensure positive outcome through the critically formative years (from 0-6 years), as well as reducing the effects of poverty on young parents and their families.  Wellness Works is a member of the Young Parent network of Hamilton. The building of relationships in this program is an on-going process that requires intentional conversations in a social, or informal setting through sharing the needs of the youth or their children.


Stroller Fit: Friday 9:15am - 11:30am

Youth Outreach & Prenatal: Tuesday 6:30pm - 9:00pm


One youth telling another about Stroller Fit- “Yeah we go and have a snack and talk and then we walk to the other church which we can get clothing and food if we need. There is a girl named Mel there who wants to start to do a coffee time with us.”





905-528-ROCK (7625)

CHARITY #88345 8812 RR0001

                    2015 Statistics


163       One-to-one counselling visits

94          Visits to the prenatal support program

46          Bus-tickets given as incentives (unfunded)

49          Gift cards/food vouchers given

186        Visits to parent resource room