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- TRI-Rock

TRI-Rock is a 16 week, full-time, paid employment training program for young people 16-30.  It is done in 2 phases.  Phase 1 is 8 weeks long and occurs at the Living Rock.  Participants are subsidized by Service Canada at minimum wage for 35 hours a week.  While at the Living Rock, participants do practical work around the building as well as participating in employment skills training where they learn about resume writing, interview presentation, dealing with anger and stress in the workplace, budgeting etc.  Each youth is assigned a case worker to help identify personal and employment goals.  Throughout Phase 1, participants are preparing themselves for a job placement in the community.


Phase 2 is an 8 week job placement in the community.  Participants are subsidized for 35 hours a week at minimum wage for the duration of the placement.  The placement has the option of hiring on the TRI-Rock participant once they have completed the program. 


“I did TRI-Rock because I wanted to support my family and get off welfare.  Through TRI-Rock, I learned a leadership role.  I learned to be dependable.  I learned how to communicate and I also learned that the Rock is willing to help anyone, regardless of their past.  Overall, this was the best experience of my life”


2013 Statistics


51 youth participated in TRI-Rock

41 youth completed Phase 1

31 youth completed Phase 2

34 youth are working after completing TRI-Rock

5 youth returned to school


“I want to thank-you guys.  Working at the mechanic shop is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I’ve been offered a job after.” -TRI-Rock Youth



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