About MTS:

Living Rock’s Meet the Street (MTS) program is a chance for your group to learn about youth poverty and homelessness. Established in 2006, as an Urban Ministry and Community Education Training Program the MTS program is designed to:

·         communicate the challenges faced by youth-at-risk,

·         provide positive opportunities for youth-at-risk to interact with community groups,

·         provide a forum for street-involved youth to tell their story

o   watch a powerful DVD, featuring youths-at-risk’s stories that provide a glimpse of the realities and challenges they face (family issues, education, substance abuse, etc.).

·         Provide opportunities to make a difference by participating in service and fundraising activities.




“It’s great to see new people come to check out the Rock. It is great to see them come to help out. I think the Rock is the best place for someone to help out."



"The Rock has been that ‘Rock between me and a hard place’. Coming here is like someone lifting a boulder off my shoulders. Someone who supports the Rock is helps to get that boulder lifted.”

-          A youth who experienced MTS help


“This experience was one of a kind, very enriching, enlightening, eye-opening and inspiring.  I’ll never forget my experience! Truly amazing!”



"Even though I was here for only a couple hours I was amazed at what I got to see.  This is a really great environment and I fully support and encourage the efforts of Living Rock.  I feel like you guys are really onto something great!"


- MTS participant


“I liked being able to open up and tell others how I grew up on the streets, but with the help of the Rock have improved my life. I love to challenge visitors with questions such as ‘how would you survive on the streets, if you were in these shoes.”

- A youth who helps with MTS


“The budgeting experience was valuable to demonstrate that it is a lot harder to live off of Ontario Works support than I thought.”

- An MTS participant


Meet the Streets Activities:


Urban Ministry and Education Training

MTS programs are adaptable and accommodating, for different community group’s learning experiences.

MTS Living Rock experiences can include:

·  Tours of the facilities,

·   Preparing and sharing meals with the youth,

·   Studies or devotionals on justice and poverty,

·  Serving in the Oasis Coffee House (Breakfast, Evening, and Weekend Programs), organizing & stocking shelves in the food bank.

The MTS staff, can also walk group(s) through different experiential modules, that provide understanding about the barriers that youth-at-risk face on a daily basis. These modules include housing, budgeting and working with limited resources.

Finally, there are two unique areas that this program offers:

1.   “Street Walk”  (2 hours) which explores different scenarios and realities that youth face in the downtown core

2.    Simulated overnight stay at the Living Rock



Speaker’s Bureau

MTS provides on & off-site presentations for a wide variety of audiences. These presentations can include members of the Living Rock House Band VOID, and many segments from the MTS DVD and personal testimony of staff.


Third Party Fundraisers

Living Rock developed a Third Party Fundraising Guide to assist those who want to raise funds and /or in-kind donations (food drives, clothing, gift certificates or various items) for Living Rock.



If you are interested in Urban Ministry Training, or having someone speak at your function, Living Rock requires a small fee-for-service to cover the costs of honorariums, coordination, utilities, food and to ensure you have a quality experience at the Living Rock.


To receive more information about Urban Training, Speaker’s Bureau, Third Party Fundraising, or the Fee Schedule please contact:


Meet the Street Coordinator

Living Rock Ministries

30 Wilson Street,

Hamilton, ON     L8R 1C5



Phone: Kelly Dekoning 905.528.7625 x 249

Fax: 905.526.8723

E-mail: kelly@livingrock.ca or development@livingrock.ca




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