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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

It's a New Day- Breakfast Program

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youth eating breakfast

Living Rock’s ‘It’s A New Day’ Breakfast Program provides street involved youth with an opportunity to start the day with a nutritious meal.  The Breakfast Program is “much more than just a meal” by providing youth-at-risk with a safe environment to connect with staff and begin setting personal goals and action plans.  The Breakfast Program has an onsite Housing Support Worker, and provides access to emergency supports including shower, phone, clothing and food bank.

Youth who attend the Breakfast Program have the opportunity to do daily activities for incentives such as hygiene products or socks.  Weekly speakers help to develop a bridge to the community.  The Breakfast Program also has onsite partnerships with the Aboriginal Health Centre, Adult Basic Education Association, Alternatives for Youth, and the City of Hamilton who provide a weekly prenatal group.  Youth can also attend the YMCA one morning a week through Breakfast.

Breakfast, as an open access program often serves as a first point of contact with street involved youth.  As a result of it being a first point of contact, it serves as a recruiting ground for other Living Rock Programs including the TRI-Rock employment program and Rock Resources work experience program.  Through semi-annual Breakfast surveys, it has been determined that 71.8% of Breakfast youth are engaged in either the Rock Resource or TRI-Rock Program.

The mission of the Breakfast Program is to provide a "safe environment, where street-involved youth can receive a hot nutritious meal and plan for their day."

breakfast program

"The Breakfast Program is the most important program run by the Living Rock Ministries...Breakfast provides a nutritional start to the day. It sets the tone for the whole day. It is an opportunity to set goals and provides a fresh start."

-Norm, former breakfast youth

* A total of 5715 youth were served Breakfast *
* 68.3% youth completed intake interviews *
* 460 referrals to internal programs *
* 256 referrals to external programs *


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