Dates: September 7 - 10, 2016



1)   To facilitate a youth-focused suicide prevention event, leading up to World Suicide Prevention Day on   

      September 10th.  To “reach out in the cultural language of youth” with a suicide prevention opportunity for

      youth-at-risk (13 to 25) and youth workers/helpers.

2)   Learn the skills to identify risks of suicide.

3)   Build awareness of suicide prevention strategies and resources.

4)   Learn about being a support and action strategies.

5)   To raise funds to sponsor Live Bravely and to sponsor ASIST Training on Suicide Prevention for youth.




Why 72 Hours for Life?  It represents a reclaiming of “Suicide Watch” (72 hours) Reflection and awareness related to coping and wellness, knowing the signs and symptoms and effectively supporting youth.  72 hours of “reflection and training” leading up to World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th.


Themes over 3 days will be related back to Live Bravely* themes of:

1)    The courage to Live

2)    The courage to seek help

3)    The courage to help others

4)    The courage to remember the good things about the person we have lost.   


*Live Bravely is a business developed by Mike Lardie (Mike is ASIST trained.)


Pre- Event Registration:  Wednesday Sept 7th (Hours 1-12) Theme -“Reasons to Live

Beginning of Registration and “Kick Off” and Live Bravely Braided Bracelets (Commitment of 72 hours of “learning and reflection”)
7:00-9:30pm @ The Living Rock Movie Night. Theme “Reasons to Live”


Day One: Thursday Sept 8th (Hours 12 – 36)

7:45-9:30am    @ The Living Rock Breakfast and Suicide Trivia with Schizophrenic Society of Hamilton.
10:00am-Noon @ The Living Rock Chalking- Vision, Hope, Future
1:30-4:30pm    @ The Living Rock  SafeTALK -$20 for adults – Free for youth who apply   
                          and have not done SafeTALK in the past.
6:30-9:00pm   @ The Living Rock  Dodgeball and Coffee House. Music with  
                          Robin Benedict, Mike & Meaghan and Alan Craig. Raffle and prizes.


Day 2: Friday September 9th 
(Hours 36 -60 and International FASD day)
7:45-9:30am   @ The Living Rock: Breakfast Program and Art Expression
9:30-10:30am @ The Living Rock: “Coping with Grief and Loss.”  Panel on Grief
1:00-2:30pm  @ The Living Rock: Pamela Robinson talks about Overcoming Pet Peeves
2:30– 4:00pm @ The Living Rock: Circle of Caring- Group activities to promote trust, connection, and compassion


Day 3: Saturday Sept 10th (Hours 60-72 and 13th Annual World Suicide Prevention Day)
13th Annual World Suicide Prevention Day Theme: Connect. Communicate. Care
8:30-9:30am   @ The Living Rock: Healthy Mind and Mood Breakfast
9:30-10:00am  @ The Living Rock: Drum Circle
10:00am-Noon @ The Living Rock: Wellness Workshop 1:30 to 8:00pm
12:00-5:00pm-Chalk Messages of Hope Grafton Square and visit to Memorial Tree in Dundas 
                              Driving Park (Leave from The Living Rock at 12:00pm- returning at 5:00pm)
6:00-8:00pm  @ the living Rock: Workshop with Ty- “Creating awareness for trans people.” How to be a supporter and alley"

To see the video of messages of the 72 Hour for Life Project   CLICK HERE




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